Bid, Sip, and Celebrate at Nashville's Original Dog and Fashion Show

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June 5, 2016
The Hutton Hotel

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Nashville’s original dog fashion show truly set the standard when the red carpet rolled out for the Agape Animal Rescue’s Fourth Annual Glitter & Glam: An Extraordinary Fashion Show, Silent & Live Auction, and Wine-Tasting for the Animals held July 8, 2012, at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel.  The evening was hosted by Jana Kramer, Elektra Nashville recording artist, accomplished actress, and outspoken animal rescue leader, along with Big 98 WSIX The AntMan, Anthony Hamilton.  Together they led us through an unforgettable night of high fashion provided by Nashville’s legendary Manuel, doggie chic clothing of Haute Puppy provided by Bitch New York, and the mesmerizing footwear of Suzani Styles.

Glitter and Glam 2012

G&G-001.jpg G&G-002.jpg G&G-003.jpg G&G-004.jpg G&G-005.jpg G&G-006.jpg G&G-007.jpg G&G-008.jpg G&G-009.jpg G&G-010.jpg G&G-011.jpg G&G-012.jpg G&G-013.jpg G&G-014.jpg G&G-015.jpg G&G-016.jpg G&G-017.jpg G&G-018.jpg G&G-019.jpg G&G-020.jpg G&G-021.jpg G&G-022.jpg G&G-023.jpg G&G-024.jpg G&G-025.jpg G&G-026.jpg G&G-027.jpg G&G-028.jpg G&G-029.jpg G&G-030.jpg G&G-031.jpg G&G-032.jpg G&G-033.jpg G&G-034.jpg G&G-035.jpg G&G-036.jpg G&G-037.jpg G&G-038.jpg G&G-039.jpg G&G-040.jpg G&G-041.jpg G&G-042.jpg G&G-043.jpg G&G-044.jpg G&G-045.jpg G&G-046.jpg G&G-047.jpg G&G-048.jpg G&G-049.jpg G&G-050.jpg G&G-051.jpg G&G-052.jpg G&G-053.jpg G&G-054.jpg G&G-055.jpg G&G-056.jpg G&G-057.jpg G&G-058.jpg G&G-059.jpg G&G-060.jpg G&G-061.jpg G&G-062.jpg G&G-063.jpg G&G-064.jpg G&G-065.jpg G&G-066.jpg G&G-067.jpg G&G-068.jpg G&G-069.jpg G&G-070.jpg G&G-071.jpg G&G-072.jpg G&G-073.jpg G&G-074.jpg G&G-075.jpg G&G-076.jpg G&G-077.jpg G&G-078.jpg G&G-079.jpg G&G-080.jpg G&G-081.jpg G&G-082.jpg G&G-083.jpg G&G-084.jpg G&G-085.jpg G&G-086.jpg G&G-087.jpg G&G-088.jpg G&G-089.jpg G&G-090.jpg G&G-091.jpg G&G-092.jpg G&G-093.jpg G&G-094.jpg G&G-095.jpg G&G-096.jpg G&G-097.jpg G&G-098.jpg G&G-099.jpg G&G-100.jpg G&G-101.jpg G&G-102.jpg G&G-103.jpg G&G-104.jpg G&G-105.jpg G&G-106.jpg G&G-107.jpg G&G-108.jpg G&G-109.jpg G&G-110.jpg G&G-111.jpg G&G-112.jpg G&G-113.jpg G&G-114.jpg G&G-115.jpg G&G-116.jpg G&G-117.jpg G&G-118.jpg G&G-119.jpg G&G-120.jpg G&G-121.jpg G&G-122.jpg G&G-123.jpg G&G-124.jpg G&G-125.jpg G&G-126.jpg G&G-127.jpg G&G-128.jpg G&G-129.jpg G&G-130.jpg G&G-131.jpg G&G-132.jpg G&G-133.jpg G&G-134.jpg G&G-135.jpg G&G-136.jpg G&G-137.jpg G&G-138.jpg G&G-139.jpg G&G-140.jpg G&G-141.jpg G&G-142.jpg G&G-143.jpg G&G-144.jpg G&G-145.jpg G&G-146.jpg G&G-147.jpg G&G-148.jpg G&G-149.jpg G&G-150.jpg G&G-151.jpg G&G-152.jpg G&G-153.jpg G&G-154.jpg G&G-155.jpg G&G-156.jpg G&G-157.jpg G&G-158.jpg G&G-159.jpg G&G-160.jpg G&G-161.jpg G&G-162.jpg G&G-163.jpg G&G-164.jpg G&G-165.jpg G&G-166.jpg G&G-167.jpg G&G-168.jpg G&G-169.jpg G&G-170.jpg G&G-171.jpg G&G-172.jpg G&G-173.jpg G&G-174.jpg G&G-175.jpg G&G-176.jpg G&G-177.jpg G&G-178.jpg G&G-179.jpg G&G-180.jpg G&G-181.jpg G&G-182.jpg G&G-183.jpg G&G-184.jpg G&G-185.jpg G&G-186.jpg G&G-187.jpg G&G-188.jpg G&G-189.jpg G&G-190.jpg G&G-191.jpg G&G-192.jpg G&G-193.jpg G&G-194.jpg G&G-195.jpg G&G-196.jpg G&G-197.jpg G&G-198.jpg G&G-199.jpg G&G-200.jpg G&G-201.jpg G&G-202.jpg G&G-203.jpg G&G-204.jpg G&G-205.jpg G&G-206.jpg G&G-207.jpg G&G-208.jpg G&G-209.jpg G&G-210.jpg G&G-211.jpg G&G-212.jpg G&G-213.jpg G&G-214.jpg G&G-215.jpg G&G-216.jpg G&G-217.jpg G&G-218.jpg G&G-219.jpg G&G-220.jpg G&G-221.jpg G&G-222.jpg G&G-223.jpg G&G-224.jpg G&G-225.jpg G&G-226.jpg G&G-227.jpg G&G-228.jpg G&G-229.jpg G&G-230.jpg G&G-231.jpg G&G-232.jpg G&G-233.jpg G&G-234.jpg G&G-235.jpg G&G-236.jpg G&G-237.jpg G&G-238.jpg G&G-239.jpg G&G-240.jpg G&G-241.jpg G&G-242.jpg G&G-243.jpg G&G-244.jpg G&G-245.jpg G&G-246.jpg G&G-247.jpg G&G-248.jpg G&G-249.jpg G&G-250.jpg G&G-251.jpg G&G-252.jpg G&G-253.jpg G&G-254.jpg G&G-255.jpg G&G-256.jpg G&G-257.jpg G&G-258.jpg G&G-259.jpg G&G-260.jpg G&G-261.jpg G&G-262.jpg G&G-263.jpg G&G-264.jpg G&G-265.jpg G&G-266.jpg G&G-267.jpg G&G-268.jpg G&G-269.jpg G&G-270.jpg G&G-271.jpg G&G-272.jpg G&G-273.jpg G&G-274.jpg G&G-275.jpg G&G-276.jpg G&G-277.jpg G&G-278.jpg G&G-279.jpg G&G-280.jpg G&G-281.jpg G&G-282.jpg G&G-283.jpg G&G-284.jpg G&G-285.jpg G&G-286.jpg G&G-287.jpg G&G-288.jpg G&G-289.jpg G&G-290.jpg G&G-291.jpg G&G-292.jpg G&G-293.jpg G&G-294.jpg G&G-295.jpg G&G-296.jpg G&G-297.jpg G&G-298.jpg G&G-299.jpg G&G-300.jpg G&G-301.jpg G&G-302.jpg G&G-303.jpg G&G-304.jpg G&G-305.jpg G&G-306.jpg G&G-307.jpg G&G-308.jpg G&G-309.jpg G&G-310.jpg G&G-311.jpg G&G-312.jpg G&G-313.jpg G&G-314.jpg G&G-315.jpg G&G-316.jpg G&G-317.jpg G&G-318.jpg G&G-319.jpg G&G-320.jpg G&G-321.jpg G&G-322.jpg G&G-323.jpg G&G-324.jpg G&G-325.jpg G&G-326.jpg G&G-327.jpg G&G-328.jpg G&G-329.jpg G&G-330.jpg G&G-331.jpg G&G-332.jpg G&G-333.jpg G&G-334.jpg G&G-335.jpg G&G-336.jpg G&G-337.jpg G&G-338.jpg G&G-339.jpg G&G-340.jpg G&G-341.jpg G&G-342.jpg G&G-343.jpg G&G-344.jpg G&G-345.jpg G&G-346.jpg G&G-347.jpg G&G-348.jpg G&G-349.jpg G&G-350.jpg G&G-351.jpg

The evening began with an exclusive red carpet premier, including appearances from celebrity models Sherrié Austin, Gene Johnson of Diamond Rio, and American Idol’s Season 9 Haeley Vaughn. Guests were invited to bid on over $15,000 worth of silent auction items throughout the night, including a designer vase from Nina Kuzina Art Gallery, Predators’ autographed memorabilia, a collector’s Titans football signed by Coach Kenny Britt, and so much more! Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres were available, as well as delicious frozen yogurt options provided by Pinkberry.

Mrs. Tennessee Bethany Sharp, along with the hosts, honored Agape’s current animals seeking forever homes by introducing the crowd to three unforgettable dogs, Olive, Junior, and Radar, and telling the stories of how they came to be with Agape. Next, were captivated by a video provided by Willissoundsz which documented the story of Agape’s executive director, Tanya Willis, as she met her furry friend Mack, the inspiration for founding Agape 8 years ago. The video also introduced us to local celebrity Wingo, Kentucky puppy mill bust and Agape rescue, Smiley.

The excitement intensified as Music City Auction’s magnetic auctioneer, David Allen, took the stage to begin our live auction. The prizes included a coveted team-signed Nashville Predators hockey stick, a one-week beach vacation to Seaside, Florida, provided by Karen Kloess, and a new Howard’s Honda Like 50 LX Scooter. David expertly entertained the crowd, meanwhile reminding all of the reason for this celebration. He introduced founder and president of Animal Rescue Corps, Scotlund Haisley. Scotlund described the disturbing hoarding bust of a week prior called Operation Freedom where over 100 animals were rescued from dangerous circumstances, and also explained the important role Agape Animal Rescue plays in the safe placement of animals like these. Overwhelmed by the circumstances these animals endure and the financial burden of caring for them, donations began pouring in from all directions. It was truly an unforgettable moment, and appreciation for the love and support of so many was an overwhelming experience.

This night, full of high fashion of the two and four-legged kind, paid tribute to more than 500 lives saved through this deserving mission in the 8 years Agape has served the greater Nashville area. It also sends the message of hope that so many more lives will be happily restored through the continuation of Agape’s work. To each and every supporter, vendor, and attendee, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU—you are the ones who make the event and the continued effort of saving lives possible.  We hope you feel the depth of what we are all able to accomplish when we come together to celebrate at Glitter & Glam, which raised over $37,000!!

Thank you again to our Angel Level Sponsors: Harmony Designs, Nashville Paw Magazine, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Lucie Rice Designs, Willssoundsz, Manuel, Harlow: A Salon on Music Row, Graffiti Indoor Advertising, Willie Fitzgerald: A Pug’s Tale, Pinkberry, Cromwell Radio- WBUZ/WPRT/WQZQ, Key Magazine, Nashville Lifestyles, Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home, Kalamatas, DJ Kyle Stephens, Suzani Styles, Draping Designs, Yelp Nashville, Haute Puppy and Bitch New York.

Thank you to all volunteers for donating your time and effort. It takes a community to support this mission, and Agape Animal Rescue and the dogs extend heartfelt thanks for teaming with us to create such an unforgettable night!

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