Bid, Sip, and Celebrate at Nashville's Original Dog and Fashion Show

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June 5, 2016
The Hutton Hotel

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On July 17th, 2011, Agape Animal Rescue celebrated its 7th birthday at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel with its annual fundraiser, Glitter and Glam 2011. The wine tasting event was a smashing success for the third year in a row. The Nashville Predators dancers and ice girls strutted their stuff in gorgeous fashions by Sarah Lindsey Mallory Designs, with furry models in tow, each adorned by fabulous doggie designs by Linda Higgins. Glitter and Glam featured wine and delectable hors d’oeuvres, while attendees browsed the $15,000+ worth of fabulous silent auction items. Guests bid against each other in the live auction featuring items like a Jeff Fisher autographed football, and a playoff banner signed by the entire Nashville Predators team, a Dolly Parton autographed tour poster, and much more!

Glitter and Glam 2011

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Every dollar raised from Glitter and Glam went directly to Agape Animal Rescue, an organization that has rescued, rehabilitated, and found loving homes for over 450 animals in Middle Tennessee over the past seven years. Guests were able to see some of the work being done by Agape when they were introduced to three adorable adoptable dogs, Sunny, George & Mary, and when they viewed a video tribute to the animals rescued through the Agape program. The video boasted success stories of dogs adopted through the Agape program, and it showed what Agape was all about, causing plenty of tears that night as well. The video can now be viewed on Agape’s website,

After meeting some of the Agape dogs, enjoying the complimentary wine, and bidding on a few items, like the Chris Johnson autographed football, personal training sessions, gorgeous handmade dog carriers, and many more fabulous items donated by local companies, guests were pulled into a bidding war mediated by Music City Auction’s charismatic auctioneer, David Allen. After the live auction raised almost $5,000 for Agape, the fashion show ended the night with a bang. Guests “ooh”ed and “ah”ed at the gorgeous designs on the runway – and at the wonderful four-legged models as well, like Titus, the bulldog with a huge personality, and Lulu, the adorable shih tzu, who also modeled one of Linda Higgins’ designs auctioned off during the live auction.

We owe all of our supporters a huge thank you! It was you who made this event possible. Our guests saved lives just by being there to support Agape Animal Rescue, and a big thanks to our vendors as well, who came to support Agape and donate a portion of their sales to the organization. Glitter and Glam 2011 raised over $25,00.00! The proceeds will go directly to helping save rescue dogs’ lives.

Thanks again to our Angel Level sponsors: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Classy Doggie Designs By Linda Higgins, Couture, Sarah Lindsey Mallory Designs, Lucie Rice Illustration and Design, Nashville Paw Magazine, Harmony Designs Photography, Harlow Salon, Drapery Designs, 102.5 The Party, Bake My Day, Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, Nashville Paw Magazine, Graffiti Indoor Advertising, South Comm, Inc, WSMV Better Nashville, Sweet Norma Flowers, Key Magazine and Toppa-Poppa-Jons Productions.

Our volunteers made the event possible as well by donating their time and effort for months to make Glitter and Glam even better than last year. Without all of our supporters, Agape Animal Rescue would not be here. So to all of you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And the dogs thank you, too!

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